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Viewed with a Bright Eye Opens!

Viewed with a Bright Eye 23rd June - 5th July

Heather Defferary was born in a part of UK known as ‘The Garden of England’, a place of orchards & pasture. Her family grew cherries, apples, hops & sheep grazed beautiful green fields.

Then circumstances changed and she spent the rest of her young life ‘out East’. Total contrasts. The colours, smells and culture of the Far East had a great influence on her.

Her body of work for this show largely features mixed media and collage studies of the Normandy landscape near her home where she lived for several years. Acrylic, ink and collage forming layers of colour and pattern reminiscent of Clarice Cliff.

Travelling through landscapes so exciting, two seas meeting one green the other turquoise off the northern most tip of North Island New Zealand, flowers of unbelievable size and colours of the jungle, all amazing images to store for use in her practice.

It is no wonder that today her work is inclined toward an exploration into darkness, into shades of colour and form resulting in a move away from literal points of reference – a trip, a journey into a ‘spaced out’ fantasy world in an imaginary universe – with a touch of magic.

Still today that glorious colour informs & infuses her work.


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