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Wonder Realms - Anne-Marie Rymill

17th - 31 May 2022


Anne-Marie Rymill is a Margate-based Fine Artist whose symbolic paintings are focused on notions of spiritual and metaphysical journeying and storytelling. 


“Painting brings and keeps me alive like breathing. Within the joy and freedom I experience, I am compelled to visually express the beauty and wonder of encounters from common mystical moments in time on life’s journey where spiritual realms meet; where heaven touches earth.”


“My love of the beauty of nature and animals, times of meditation, stories and dreams inspire my artwork. In my new exhibition ‘Wonder Realms’ at New Kent Art Gallery which includes my latest collections of paintings ‘Emotion Animals’ and ‘Aqueous Paradise,’ I visually communicate ‘imaginative interactions’ with animal and persons in dream like realms. These expressions invite you to journey, where you are at liberty to embrace yourself in child-like innocence, free to be yourself and where paradise is the starting place here and now until your end destination. By conveying the power of light and colour I seek to illuminate these realms of wonder inviting the viewer to transition into a new place and encounter beauty, refreshment and transformation.”