Inky Lines 5

June 08, 2020

The return of our annual Illustrators and Printmakers exhibition. Featuring many of Thanet's best loved artists, including Cath Deeson, Ieuan Edwards, Harriet Peachy , Bev Johnson and Clare Youngs.

Heather Defferary

June 22, 2020

Heather Defferary joins us for her first ever solo exhibition. Colourful landscapes in collage and mixed media.


July 06, 2020

Recycled and Upcycled art

Tony Caroli

May 18, 2020

Glorious Glass in all its forms, Tony Caroli will be hanging his new show of glass from 18th of May and will be shown virtually online. Hopefully once the Covid 19 lockdown restrictions are eased we will re-open and be able to book viewing appointments online.

Jo Turner-Rowe

May 04, 2020

Jo Turner-Rowe returns to the gallery with her spectacular ceramic busts and glasswork.

Her two week long exhibition will showcase amazing work in a range of genre.

Easter Eggsibition

April 06, 2020


Anthony Giles

March 24, 2020

Anthony Giles returns for a solo show sure to filled to the brim with exciting new works in oils.

Turneresque skies and tumultuos skies 

ANTHONY GILES Under the Weather exhibition Award winning Margate artist Anthony Giles showcases a collection of new paintings at the New Kent Gallery Broadstairs His new work is being much sought after by both local and international buyers, with his entire body of work for the Turner Contemporary exhibition ‘The Waste Land’, exhibited at Margate’s Proper Coffee House, being sold to a collector. Under the weather is an eclectic mix of en plein air paintings and studio pieces, encompassing beach scenes and snow scenes as well as his renowned sunsets.


June 11, 2018

Inky Lines 3 sees the return of the ever popular group collaborative of some of Kent's best printmakers and Illustrators. 

For two weeks, New Kent Art Gallery will be hosting some of the very best works in ink, paint and mixed media. Inky Lines celebrates the art of illustrators and printmakers who until recent years were often the poor relation to fine art oil painters. In recent years, contemporary art has become broader 


March 17, 2020

Resident Artists Karen Hiscock-King , Sarah Stokes, Brian Hodgson, Patrick Wilkins, Christine Jeffreys and a few guests will be holding a brief one week long exhibition of their latest works.

POW! Fifteen - Danny Branscombe

March 03, 2020

A series of hypo-realistic pencil drawings by Danny Branscombe will attempt to reveal the complex aspects of this vulnerable age group. AS part of this years POW! festival, the gallery will be emerging itself into the world of Women and celebrating womanhood.

Affordable Art Under 100

February 18, 2020

Affordable Art comes to Broadstairs - A chance to see all those bargain pieces of work that have been looking for a new home!

For the Love of Art

February 04, 2020

As Valentine approaches, we hold our annual group exhibition which celebrates all things romantic and artistic. Each February we bring together a group of artists work that reflects a love of the local landscape or romance.

This year we are pleased to say we have the work of Harriet Peachy, Cath Deeson,  Viktoriya Richardson, Tony Caroli, Carl Scarlett, Sarah Stokes, Brian Hodsgon, Karen Hiscock-King, Christine Jeffryes  and Patrick Wilkins.

Emerging Art

January 11, 2020

New Year, New Artists!

2020 kicks off with a refreshed gallery and a brand new exhibition. Emerging Art is a group exhibition of exciting new work never seen before at New Kent Art Gallery. We are welcoming 10 new artists to exhibit with us this January as our new calendar of events begins. Works in oils, acrylic, watercolour, photography, pen and ink and sculpture by

Jenny Phillips, Emma Lloyd, Stacie Coyne, Gem Blastock, Ian Pugh, Linda Bristow, Shaun Herd, Naomi Watkins, David Stanley and Eve Stickler.

Fire & Frost Following Turner

December 03, 2019

Ho Ho Ho! Christmas is approaching, and the Turner Prize is about to be announced so we are celebrating with a gorgeous selection of work in our annual Winter exhibition.

This year we have a huge selection of makers and artists spanning all media and offering some fantastic unique gifts for your loved ones this Christmas. Paintings by Brian Hodgson, Karen H King, Sarah Stokes, David Harvey and Carl Scarlett. Glass by Christine Jeffryes, Jo Turner-Rowe and Tony Caroli, Mosaics by Kate Baker and Martin Cheek, Ceramics by Fiona Osbaldstone, Sue Fields, Laura Hollis, and E J Laven. Jewellery by Jessica Newby and Julie Tucker-Williams and prints by Ieaun Edwards, Cath Deeson, Andy Johnson and photography by Greg Bottle, Mel Chennell and Alex Hancock.

Paul Gadenne

September 16, 2019

Paul Gadenne hosts a solo show featuring works in acrylic, oil and watercolour

Feast for your Eyes 5

September 23, 2019

The fifth

instalment of our group show celebrating the annual Food Festival in Broadstairs.

In previous years we have themed the exhibition around food and cafe culture but this year we have invited artists to bring whatever work they want to the gallery to create a true feast for the eyes! We will have oil paintings, prints, glasswork, sculpture, thread paintings and much much more.

We hope you will enjoy what you see whilst sampling the delicious delights from the Food Venues all around town.

Single Lens Reflex - Thanet and Beyond

September 02, 2019

Single Lens Reflex - 3-15 Sept 

Photography Collaborative bringing all the very best photographic imagery from around the coast of Thanet and further beyond.

Featuring photographers including Greg Bottle, Mel Chennell, Lucy Faulkner, Alex Hancock, Shannon Ward, Joseph O'Sullivan, Mary-Jennifer McDowell, and Anne Marie Rymill.

Carl Scarlett - INFLUENCE

August 19, 2019

From the 20th August -1st September, Carl Scarlett will be returning to the New Kent Gallery for his latest solo exhibition entitled 'Influence'. This is the third solo exhibition that Carl has held with the gallery since he began his creative journey back in 2016. When gallery owners Brian Hodgson and Karen Hiscock-Lawrence first saw Carl's work, they saw huge potential in the young artists work and encouraged him to produce more pieces in his lively, colourful style using oils and palette knife, with a view to exhibiting with them in the future. Carl works with his father as an electrician and has to fit painting in around his day job, but has been fully supported by his extremely talented and creative family who have seen him gain in follows over the past few years. He now regularly undertakes private commissions and has many collectors of his work in Thanet and beyond.


'My exhibition concentrates on the balance between how a landscape can influence mood and how mood can influence the experience of landscape. The concept is borne of my constantly changing style and technique, which is reflective of my own erratic emotional state, and how nature can alter my mood, influencing my expression of it. I hope I have managed to convey this to the viewer! I have used various techniques to express how I felt at the time, ranging from traditional alla prima methods to acrylic ‘speed paintings’ that verge on the abstract. I hope everybody enjoys it!'

Arty Folk 4

August 04, 2019

Folk Week madness descends in Broadstairs and the gallery offers a quiet zone with a collective of art from all disciplines by local artists. Featuring Antony Collings, Sarah Stokes, Brian Hodgson, Karen King, Jo Turner-Rowe, Libby Cox, Jenny Hooper, Mary-Jennifer McDowell, Raspberry Design Studio and Viktoriya Richardson.

Resident Artists

June 22, 2019

Karen Hiscock-Lawrence, Brian Hodgson, Sarah Stokes, Patrick Wilkins, Christine Jeffreys and Lana Arkhi are all key members of the team that maintain New Kent Art Gallery on a daily basis. This week the gallery plays host to their work.

Ieuan Edwards

May 27, 2019

Ieuan Edwards and his amazing prints of Dreamland and iconic views from Thanet and Wales. 

Ieuan Edwards returns to the gallery with his hand carved quirky Linocuts inspired by south wales, folklore and paleantology. ‘By finding new and interesting avenues for my work I hope to help elevate linocut as a thought-provoking contemporary art form.’

EnvironArt Recycled

May 05, 2019

Recycle, re-use, re-purpose. After the huge success of last year's exhibition which featured recycled, upcycled and found objects, we are hosting a second EnvironArt Exhibition. This collaborative show of 14 artists will include sculptural works as well as paintings, collage, mosaics and glass. Featured artists - Kate Baker, Christine Jeffreys, Sam Dodson, Emily Tull, Max Sheppard, Merike Sein, Jenny Hooper, Sharon Cavalier, Desislava Dimova, Jo Turner, Brian Hodgson, Sarah Stokes and Karen Hiscock-Lawrence.

Darren Lewis - Coastal Endeavours

April 21, 2019

Original Oil Paintings by Darren Lewis.

Coastal Endeavours is a collective group of oil paintings by local artist, Darren Lewis, in the pursuit of capturing the unique light that surrounds our coastlines in Thanet.  Local residents are only too familiar with the beautiful sunrises and sunsets that illuminate Thanet’s coastline throughout the seasons. Effervescent skies in reflective waters provide the perfect backdrop for Darren to record in oils, varied colour spectrums as he searches for the sublime.  Darren often returns to the same location, such as Botany Bay or Margate Harbour numerous times over. Each time the changing light and atmosphere provides new challenges to record and capture in paint. His familiarisation with his subject matter and location provides a confidence to explore both experimental tonal and colour combinations in response to what he sees in front of him.  Darren’s main interest in his seascapes are light and colour, and being surrounded by the wonderful vistas of Thanet, this only offers fulfilment to his coastal endeavours.

Tony Caroli

March 31, 2019

Fused Fish My inspiration comes from almost everything can be as simple as seeing some fish bones, a piece fabric or even nature itself can lead to some fantastic creations. I do on occasions like to play with artists historical designs  & transpose these into glass.

My fused glass art and jewellery are all hand-made in my Ramsgate home studio. My wall plaques, bowls, dishes, sculptures, light catchers, are contemporary in design, occasionally I like to play with historic artists designs transposed into glass.

All my art is one-off as it is almost impossible to recreate a piece exactly, I also don’t have a particular style I like to let the ideas take me in any direction.

I love working to create unusual, individual pieces of fused glass.


Each piece of my fused art glass is carefully and lovingly created by hand. I then fire the glass flat in my specialist glass kiln over a 24 hour period at a temperature of around 800 degrees. My bowls, dishes, figures and the free-standing sculptures are then fired a second time to 'slump' the glass into a mould.

Art Under £100

March 04, 2019

The first of our annual exhibitions which welcome small and affordable pieces of art from some of our well known and our new artists. Affordable Art by local Thanet Artists - all works Under £100

Seal Folk - POW!

March 04, 2019

Seal Folk, Clair Le Couteur, Natalie Wearden and Fran Young.

Seal Folk is an installation and performance exploring North Sea selkie myths as a way to think about queerness, gender and transformation.


Date: 6th - 17th March

Monday: Closed, Tuesday: 11:00 - 15:00, Wednesday: 11:00 - 15:00, Thursday: 11:00 - 15:00, Friday: 10:30 - 16:30, Saturday: 13:00 - 16:30, Sunday: 11:00 - 16:00

Venue: New Kent Art Gallery

The annual POW! festival runs for its third year and we are thrilled to be part of it again.

Give a Bag Some Life!

February 26, 2019

Give A Bag Some Life

Tackling loneliness and social isolation is the aim of a new exhibition called “Give A Bag Some Life”, which is about to start touring Thanet’s art galleries.

More than 70 blank canvas bags have been decorated by volunteers, supporters and beneficiaries of the Thanet Good Neighbours Service, a befriending scheme which matches the most isolated older people in the area with volunteers, who visit once a week for tea and a chat, go shopping with or for their matches, or even help with dog walking.

The befriending scheme, part of Kent Coast Volunteering, has made more than 100 successful matches and is always looking for ways to raise funds.

Service coordinator, Rebecca Bullivant said:

“We started handing out blank canvas bags to our volunteers to decorate and the project became so popular that we quickly had to find more. They were snapped up by all ages and abilities eager to get creative on behalf of the Good Neighbours Service. We hope people will come to the galleries and then bid for them at auction.”

Good Neighbours Service volunteer Jackie Collins, who decorated and donated bags herself, said:

“What we do is so important. People are living longer, and I feel our befriending service allows people to keep their dignity, but we are there if anything starts to go wrong or they don’t seem to be coping.”

The project was kickstarted by Thanet Rotary Club and bags have been covered by everything from painted birds and seascapes to crochet poppies and patchwork beach huts.

People can make sealed bids at the galleries before the auction, which will take place at the San-Clu Hotel (Comfort Inn) on Friday 8th March at 7pm.  The first such bid to be received was from National Council for Voluntary Organisations (NCVO) chief, Sir Stuart Etherington, who was bowled over by the project during a recent visit to Kent Coast Volunteering.

All funds raised will go towards the Good Neighbours Service and the aim is to keep the “Give A Bag Some Life” project running as long as possible.

Bags can be seen at the following locations:

  • McGillan & Woodell, Ramsgate, 14th – 22nd Feb, with a viewing party on Saturday 16thFeb 3-6pm

  • New Kent Art Gallery & Studio, Broadstairs, 25th Feb – 3rd March

  • Nice Things, Ramsgate, 4th March – 8th March

  • Ramsgate Visitor Information Centre, also 4th March – 8th March

  • Auction – San-Clu Hotel (Comfort Inn), Ramsgate, 8th March, 7pm-8:30pm

Looking Beyond

February 19, 2019

'Resident Artist-Curators, Sarah Stokes, Brian Hodgson and Karen Hiscock-Lawrence are Looking Beyond the gloom of winter ahead to the spring with a collaborative exhibition which opens on Tuesday 19th February.


As the season evolves and another year unfolds, creatives across the county are no doubt thinking ahead to a year full of new projects and exciting developments. For the last week of February, the three artists will be putting together an exhibition of works, some old and some new which will herald the coming year and Looking Beyond the past.


Much of the work looks beyond the obvious local Kent scenery and coast and the three artists will each bring their own unique creativity to the light and airy gallery space.'

Art from the Heart

January 29, 2019

Its that time of year again and love is in the air and Valentine's day is just around the corner. For the third year we will be celebrating the season of love by holding an exhibition with the theme of Art from the Heart. 

The works will be selected from a broad range of artists and makers, as always local artists will be key to the show and we will be welcoming some of our regular feature artists as well as some new faces. This year we have Libby Cox, Kate Baker, Cath Deeson, John Hughes, Mark Galloway, Mel Chennell, Sarah Stokes and many more.

So be prepared for hearts, flowers and romance as February begins and 'L'Amore' opens.

Emerging Art

January 05, 2019

Emerging Art kicks off our 2019 calendar of exhibitions as the new year heralds new talents from our wonderful isle. As we constantly strive to find new talent and emerging artists, as well as brand new work by some of our favourite artists, we are hosting a group exhibition that will feature new works by Thanet and Kent based artists. 

Patrick Wilkins, Sarah Stokes and Andrew Robertson will be returning to the gallery with fresh work and they are joined by a number of artists new to us. Victoria Swanston, Zara Catley, Vicki Salmi, Lisa Fazackerley, Nicole Keegan, Lucy Briz and Anne Poltera.

Fire and Frost featuring Sky Arts Landscape Artist of the Year Viking Bay

December 04, 2018

Sky Arts came to Broadstairs this summer to film two heats of the Landscape Artist of the Year and the result was a host of wonderful works of art all featuring our beloved Viking Bay.

This winter we celebrate the participating artists and our much loved Bay by hosting a group exhibition of artists from the Sky heats as well as local artists from in and around Broadstairs. The television programmes were recently aired on Sky Arts and saw the team of contestants and celebrity judges descend upon Viking Bay for not one, but 2 heats of the nationwide competition. Hosted by Joan Bakewell and Stephen Mangan, both competitions were judged by award-winning artist Tai Shan Schierenberg, independent curator Kathleen Soriano, and Art historian Kate Bryan. In the run up to Christmas, we will be holding a month long exhibition that will bring prints, photography, paintings and ceramics from over 20 artists that should bring something for everyone! Some of the heat participants will be present during the exhibition, together with curators Brian Hodgson and Karen Hiscock-Lawrence, both of whom made it to the heats as 'wild card' contestants. Brian had a short interview on the first of the programmes, when he was explaining his choice of view and materials. 'It was a truly wonderful, once in a lifetime experience and fascinating to watch the behind the scenes views of making the programme itself. The day consisted of 4 hours of painting, but was filmed from early in the morning when the contestants first arrive and set up their equipment. It was great to watch the main finalists who painted within glass pods on the beach and were shielded from the elements, unlike the 'wild card' artists who braved wind and high tides.'

The exhibition will be on for the whole of December and all works will be for sale.

Art Under £100

November 20, 2018

Grab your own piece of original art for under £100 ​- A mixed exhibition of pieces that will be for sale for £100 or under. We have a two week exhibition running that will bring little gems of art to the gallery that will be truly affordable for all. You could walk home with your own little work of art for a bargain price and support your local artists.....

John Hughes

November 05, 2018

John Hughes masterful large scale landscapes return to the gallery this autumn. John is a well known local artist and art tutor who has specialised in highly detailed landscapes during the past few years. His art background is long and comprehensive.

Attended Ravensbourne College of Art and Design, Southeast London:
Foundation, 1966-67
Degree course, 1967 -70.
Graduated in Fine Art (2.t hons.) 197O.
Postgraduate Teacher’s Training of London University institute of
Education , 197O-71. Art Teacher’s Diploma, 1971.

From 1971 to 1987 taught Art in schools in Horsham, West Sussex;
Maidstone and Margate, including a period as Head of an Art Department.
Since then he has been involved in adult art education.
From the 197O’s to the present he has continued to practice as a visual artist- generally painting.

His work has been exhibited at:
The Royal Academy Summer Exhibition
The Mall Gallery The RBA
The Pastel Society
The Society of Landscape Pointers
The Sussex Artist’s Exhibitions in Brighton

Various commercial galleries in London and Southeast England including:
The Gagliardi Gallery, Chelsea) the Nevill Gallery, Canterbury: the Feltham Gallery, West Sussex, the Campion Gallery, Rye, as port of the
Rye Festival, and at the Francis Iles Gallery in Rochester.
Locally he has participated in exhibitions at IOTA, on the Westcliff , Ramsgate, in the Ramsgate Spring Festival Exhibitions between 1992 and 2002 and as a member of the East Kent Art Society.
In 2013 he participated in a BBC project for the Your Paintings archive at the York Street Gallery in Ramsgate.

This is the third exhibition with New Kent Art Gallery following the success of two previous solo shows in 2016 and 17.

Windows and Views

October 29, 2018

Resident owner artists Brian Hodgson and Karen Hiscock-Lawrence will be joining forces for the last week of the East Kent Open Houses season to hold an exhibition of some of their recent work. There will be a mix of work by both artists with a them flowing through them of windows and vistas.

Atmospheric oil paintings by Brian which have been likened to Hopper and are painted with exquisite detailed shadows and light within each work. His pieces often feature one of his favourite subject matter, windows, doors or shutters.


Karen's mixed media works framed in original vintage window frames are a new phase which resulted after a neighbours' house renovation.. The window pieces were inspired by a successful upcycling and recycling exhibition that was held at the gallery earlier this year, and each piece that has been created has been a way for Karen to salvage an old piece of history within a new work of art.

The show will run for just one week, but coincides with the last week of the East Kent Open Houses event which began in October and sees a host of artists in the area opening up their studios and houses to visitors. The gallery has free copies of guidebooks for the event and information for anyone wishing to visit the local tours.

East Kent Open Houses Landscape Unearthed!

October 15, 2018

Title: Landscape Unearthed

An exhibition of the work of 4 artists who are inspired by Kentish landscape in their work.

1 painter printmaker- Ruth McDonald

1 Painter - Paul Fowler

2 ceramicists – Gillian Highland & Barbara Colla


The 4 artists are committed to interpreting Kentish landscape from the Estuary to the North Downs and Isle of Thanet as a core aspect of their work, which features drawing, painting, print-making and ceramics. They believe that their work is complementary and offers an impression of Kent’s landscape now. Paul Fowler offers an expressive alternative to the traditional watercolour. Ruth McDonald is well known for her printed landscapes tracing the marks left by previous inhabitants. Gillian Highland has captured the landscape in her beautifully glazed raku pots and Barbara Colla’s lyrical sculptures offer a timeless view of Kent past and present.

All 4 artists exhibit a high standard of excellence and professional competence and regularly exhibit in London including The Royal Academy Summer Show, Society of Women Artists, The Society of British Artists and United Society of Artists.

Martin & Mollie Cheek and Margaret Foreman

October 08, 2018

It will be a family affair in October when well known mosaicist Martin Cheek, his daughter Mollie Cheek and famous portrait painter Margaret Foreman join forces to hold a collaborative exhibition.

Feast for Your Eyes - Food Festival

September 24, 2018

The return of the annual Food Festival to Broadstairs will also see the return of an annual Art Exhibition entitled 'Feast for your Eyes' to celebrate the festival. 


Featuring local artists work in all media and all disciplines, the exhibition will be inspired by all things foodie. Cafe culture and culinary delights are celebrated in photography mixed media, stunning oil paintings , beautiful ceramics and more.

Big Up Thanet - Thanet & Beyond 18

September 10, 2018

"A group of local photographers are back for the forth installment of their group exhibition at New Kent Art Gallery in Broadstairs on the 11th September. Views and vistas from across Thanet and beyond will be taking centre stage at the gallery for 2 weeks and will include everything from classic seascapes to the natural world and townscapes. 

The Big Up Thanet group was formed on facebook by Mel Chennell in response to the number of photographers who would meet on the beach at dawn and capture the amazing Thanet sunrises. The group quickly became a runaway success and the perfect way to share experiences and photographic results. During 2016 they put on their first ever group exhibition which was a huge success and since then they have held two further shows, as well as honed their skills. Many of the photographers have gone on to sell work more widely in other galleries and online and some have developed this further to produce fantastic minimal works of art that focus of London as well as Thanet views."

We will also be hosting a meet and greet on the 15th September from 2.30pm to 5pm. Come and have a free tipple and snacks and have a chat with the photographers.xx

So who is taking part I heard you ask? Here's the full listing of amazing photographers.

Frank Leppard 
Adam Dark 
Sue Fewings 
Steve Palmer 
Lorraine Williams 
Wendy Le Bar 
Eleanor Marriot 
David Copeland 
John Draper 
Stephen Todd 
Andy Pullman 
Greg Bottle 
Mel Chennell 
Sarah Tighe 
Steve Burton 
Dean Spinks

Carl Scarlett

August 27, 2018

Electrician by Day, Painter by night - Carl Scarlett brings his lively, vivd oil paintings to the gallery. Featured in the most recent Isle Magazine, a young emerging artist whose passion for painting is taking him on a journey and gaining him many fans. 

Known for his wonderful sunsets and sunrises, Carl's 2018 solo show promises to be a real showstopper!

The Harveys - Its a Family Affair

August 20, 2018

The ridiculously talented Harvey family of David, Cathy and daughter Janie Grout return to the Gallery for a second year. The mixed exhibition of work in oils, mixed media and stitched work promises to be a fabulous success for the family once again and will bring something for everyone!

Festival by the Sea - Folk Week

August 06, 2018

'Festival by the Sea - Arty Folk supporting Wildlife '


A fun filled group art exhibition is planned for the Folk week fortnight in Broadstairs starting Tues 7th August and running until Sunday 19th August. 

As Folk Week descends upon Broadstairs and the town is filled with music and festivities. New Kent Art Gallery brings together many of Thanet's artists in a group exhibition of 'Arty Folk' from all disciplines, including painting, drawing, sculpture, glass, ceramics, printmaking and photography. 

This years exhibition will feature photography by a local wildlife campaigner who is set to paddleboard across the channel in support of the Committee Against Bird Slaughter (Cabs) He will be selling some of his stunning shots of wildlife to help raise money to save wild birds.

Keen amateur photographer Andy Short is taking his fundraising to the next level, by paddleboarding across the English Channel solo on a mission to raise £10,000 for the CABS organisation which he has supported for many years. 

Andy will be joined by fellow photography Mel Chennell and artists Darren Lewis, Paul Gadenne and Patrick Wilkins, as well as Ian Pugh, Melanie Tong, Katrina Dallamore, Sarah Stokes and resident artists Brian Hodgson and Karen Hiscock-Lawrence.

As always, the gallery will be packed full of ceramics, glass and sculptures alongside the paintings and photography and all works are created by makers and artists from around Kent. So if you fancy a break from the music and general folk week festivities, pop in for a look! An artist 'soiree' with drinks and nibbles will be held on Weds 15th 6-9pm.

Ross Andrews

July 23, 2018

Photography from the heart of the sea. Waves meet coast.

Anthony Giles Solo

July 09, 2018

ANTHONY GILES Under the Weather exhibition Award winning Margate artist Anthony Giles showcases a collection of new paintings at the New Kent Gallery Broadstairs His new work is being much sought after by both local and international buyers, with his entire body of work for the Turner Contemporary exhibition ‘The Waste Land’, exhibited at Margate’s Proper Coffee House, being sold to a collector. Under the weather is an eclectic mix of en plein air paintings and studio pieces, encompassing beach scenes and snow scenes as well as his renowned sunsets.

Abstract Art

June 24, 2018

Rhythm at New Kent Art Gallery

June 26- July 8 2018



Rhythm, if only we didn’t have to think how to spell it!

Sounds natural , everything, everyone has an inherent

rhythm- hearts beating, communicating; atoms dancing away visible and invisible around and inside us.

Waves on the sea.

Sometimes a quicker rhythm sometimes slow,

..however regular..


Rhythm is extraordinary and here we have seven artists

Nina Andrious , Barbara Antinoro, Tony Caroli, Josephine Harvatt Annabelle Losa, Katrina Dallamore, Sarah Stokes and Melanie Tong, exploring and following their own unique rhythm to create art that hopefully will resonate with you!

Paul Gadenne

June 03, 2018

Talented Margate artist Paul Gadenne is holding his first solo exhibition of recent work at New Kent Art gallery in Broadstairs between 4-10th June. 


Paul Gadenne is a Chartered Designer with a background in commercial Interior Architecture and Exhibition Design. His own practice, Paul Gadenne Associates, worked successfully throughout the Eighties in Canterbury and London. Paul has been a Design Lecturer at Hastings College of Art and St Edmund’s School Canterbury.

His recent work features a wide range of subjects but most tend to have an element of narrative and the everyday and can be seen at local Art Society Exhibitions and Open Art Shows throughout the year. He is a member of the long established East Kent Art Society.


These days he keeps exceptionally busy tutoring art groups in a selection of disciplines and exhibiting across the county, as well as nationally.


Paul has been short-listed for the Royal Academy Summer Exhibition and the Sunday Times Watercolour Competition, Mall Galleries amongst many other nationally recognised shows. 


Pop down to see an astonishing mix of truly excellent work in oils, watercolour and acrylics!

Structures - Printmaking by Ieuan Edwards

May 27, 2018


1) the arrangement of and relations between the parts or elements of something complex.
construction, form, formation, shape, composition, fabric, anatomy, make-up, constitution

2) a building or other object constructed from several parts.
building, edifice, construction, erection, pile, complex, assemblyPrintmaking by Ieuan Edwards