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Abstract Coast by Katrina Dallamore

My work is concerned with the observation of colour

A few years ago I went to university and there I studied observational colour harmonies in the life studio working with a variety of models. Here I worked using only the primary colours learning how to mix and blend to make all the colours I needed to truly represent the model.

In my final year my work naturally developed towards a reductive practice where I was concerned with the exploration of the contrast in colour.

I adopted the vehicle of the square motif in a gridded setting, selecting a small range of colours/tones to explore soft and bold contrasts.

I am interested in the colours created by primary and secondary harmonies with a particular interest in greys, reconsidering colour in its purest form and the gap between representation and abstraction. My later work has bolder and braver colour, but still based on colour observed in the environment around me.

My teaching is grounded in the values of observational drawing and painting, thereby teaching students to see. I believe this gives the students the skills to then develop their own style and creative voice. Working part time as a teacher based in the centre of Ramsgate, I also continue to develop my personal work as a painter and print maker.


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